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Enchantment is coming!

It seem magical to give people orgasms at the snap of your fingers, but that’s not

what’s really important about Sexual Hypnosis.

It's potentially revolutionary.

Sexual Hypnosis can gives people access to deep and fundamental codes of their own sexuality. The same way hypnosis can often change people's bad habits or patterns or unfulfilled dreams. Sexual or erotic hypnosis may be able to change people's bad sexual programs or habits or unfulfilled dreams.It breaks the rules of conventional sexuality: While it takes most people around 20 minutes at minimum to reach orgasm. In the documentary Make Orgasms Not War, Christine Funk demonstrates she can have an orgasm in under a minute. She can now do it in under 30 seconds. These aren't the wildest orgasms, but later this year Christine Funk will undergo scientific testing to prove the veracity of these experiences.

Sexual Hypnosis may also offer treatments for anorgasmia (the inability to have orgasms) and it may reduce sexual frustration in general by giving people relatively easy access to sexual transformation tools. It can make people more confident, healthy and even more beautiful. In short, for a number of reasons erotic hypnosis could make the world a better place.

The only catch is, except for a few hypnotists, hardly anyone knows how it really works.My special online course on bliss states and hypnotic orgasms, Enchantment begins this Sunday June 9th at noon EDT. There's a couple spots left and there's a terrific group signed up. If you think this is something you could do. Click the picture below:


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