Fun and fascinating courses on hypnosis and how to be an effective hypnotist. Hypnosis works surprisingly well over Zoom creating the possibilities of a whole new market. 

Learn the fundamental principles that drive stage hypnosis, hypnotherapy and hypnotic phenomena. Learn techniques that improve confidence, health, ability and provide calm, healing and growth. Albert Nerenberg teaches three grounding-breaking and applied courses on hypnosis. 

1) Fundamentals of Hypnosis

Learn the fundamental principles that make hypnosis the wide-ranging self-realization and healing modality it is. 
REM State Theory, How To Create Heathy Trances, and learn the research that explains it. As featured in the TEDX Is Hypnosis Fake? 

2) Practical Hypnosis 

How you actually bring people or yourself into states of restorative healing, personal transformation and self-actualization. This course focuses more on the methods and techniques around creating effectives trances and healthy change. As featured in the TEDX Surprise You're Hypnotized  



3) New Frontiers in Hypnosis 

Altered States. Accelerated Learning. The Hypnotic BarEcstatic Trance. Hypnosis has a lot of exciting frontiers. In this course we look deep into new techniques, breakthroughs and explore the incredible potential of hypnosis and trance.