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Enchantment:  A Conscious Course on How To Create Healing Life-Changing Hypnotic Orgasms and Bliss States



What if you could bring people almost instantly to powerful bliss and orgasm states by request? What if simply using your voice you could create wonderful intense sensations that help people achieve goals, improve their skin health, their overall appearance, calm themselves and have some of the best experiences of their lives. 

Although The Enchantment Technique can be challenging,  it is quite learnable, and Albert Nerenberg, Master Hypnotist, Award-winning filmmaker and the most widely viewed TEDX speaker on Hypnosis, has created a powerful easy to master live online course which takes you through the process step by step. 



Why Enchantment?

Along with fellow hypnotist Dominique LaRoche, Albert Nerenberg has been shooting a documentary about sexual hypnosis for over 5 years. They've innovated in it, studied it and interviewed some of the world's top experts on the phenomena, as well as researchers on sexuality and sexual ethics. 

They believe the remarkable information needs to be shared with the world.  The potential in sexual hypnosis is enormous but it's needs to be handled in an informed, consensual and ethical manner, thus the course Enchantment. 
The course not only trains you in the techniques, it places it in context of current research and ethics. 

The The 


In just a few sessions people often experience dramatic changes. Aside from the intense feel-good aspect, there are improvements in confidence, mood, libido and complexion. 


Albert Nerenberg has produced the most viewed TEDX talks in Hypnosis ever. He is a master Hypnotist and trainer specializing in breakthrough concepts and applications in hypnosis, including the Hypnotic Bar, where altered states are created through hypnosis without side effects, Movie Therapy and The Enchantment Method, among others,  He has spoken about Hypnosis at two TEDXs, at WILDX, and at IdeaCity, Hypnothoughtslive and The Performing Hypnosis Summit. Nerenberg has directed a number of award-winning documentaries including Laughology, You Are What You Act and Stupidity. 

Enchantment: Who is this course for? 



Hypnotists looking to expand their repertoire or working in the areas of sexual dysfunction, rejuvenation and wellness. 

Couples looking to deepen, explore or heal their connection with calming and novel approaches. 



Healers looking for new ways create bliss, healing and personal change. 

Individuals looking to explore trance and trance sexuality 


Space is limited for the program. 

"An exquisite

Lourdes Pollock

Hypnotherapist, Tantra Healer

"Aside from  mind-blowingly pleasure.
It also has dramatic healing potential. 

Dominique LaRoche Filmmaker, Canada


Lillian Zeltser, Podcaster

About Me.

Enchantment: What you receive 


6 X 2 Hour Intensive Online Zoom Classes  $3000 Value 
Online Resources, Studies, Inductions and Scripts $500 Value

Basic Hypnosis Training $1500  Value

One on One Coaching Session with Albert Nerenberg 30 mins $300 Value

Guest Appearances Hypnotists and Explorers of Hypnotic Sexuality $400 Value

Stunning Footage from unreleased documentary, Coming Soon $3000 Value

Certificate of Completion $300 Value

Private Facebook Group for Students 

Live Demonstrations of Bliss and Orgasm States $1000 Value

Learning the Arts of Consensual Sexual Hypnosis: PRICELESS 

TOTAL VALUE: $10,000.00 

Course Price is: $1295 USD 

Live 6 Week Course Starts June 9, 2024
Takes place at Noon ET, 9 am PST, 6 pm CEST



Email directly and we'll set up a time to talk. 
Make an appointment to see if this is a fit
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