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Hypnotic Bar Experience Back in Toronto June 2 

"Extremely Entertaining" Psymposia

People are hypnotized to get drunk on water, experience altered states



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After wowing the National Arts Club and The Alchemist's Kitchen in New York  the Hypnotic Bar is back in Toronto where it started. The Hypnotic Bar is a hilarious demonstration that getting drunk or even high is all in the mind. 

Albert Nerenberg, film director and hypnotist, stunned a packed ballroom of the National Arts Club in Gramercy park in February where he demonstrated that volunteers who had been drinking water couldn’t pass sobriety tests. Then they experienced a number of altered states.


“Stunned disbelief,” wrote Psymposia’s Lex Pelger. “That’s the only way to describe the reaction of the crowd filling New York’s famous National Arts Club Ballroom. People gasped, they laughed, and they got up on their feet to watch the volunteers onstage look intoxicated, apparently high and seemingly blitzed. After failing a mock sobriety test, one woman even crawled back to her seat laughing and gurgling. It was extremely entertaining. But was it real?”

The Hypnotic Bar Experience takes place at the Tranzac Club in Toronto June 2, 2017 at 8 pm. 

At the event, volunteers will experience a number of altered states without side effects or even a hangover.

A video explains The Hypnotic Bar here: 
















First Demonstrated at IdeaCity in 2014

Nerenberg first demonstrated he could get people high and drunk without drugs and alcohol at Ideacity, an annual conference similar to TED, in 2014. Since then, he has presented the Hypnotic Bar, half ground-breaking presentation and half comedy show at conferences and bars around North America. It’s been called impossible and "extremely entertaining" but it really is fascinating,  and a lot of fun.
The filmmaker got the idea for the Hypnotic Bar after coming across a statistic saying more people are dying of drug overdoses now that at any other time in human history.


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For info:

The Hypnotic Bar at The Tranzac Club June 2

Friday June 2nd at 8 pm 


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