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There's something about sex the general public doesn't know. it’s potentially amazing.


In this  breakthrough talk Albert Nerenberg explains he and Montreal hypnotist Dominique LaRoche stumbled on a largely unknown side of human trance behaviour that opens up possibilities for sexual expression and healing. Humans can have orgasms without contact and with their clothes on. And they can do it by simply achieving a specific deeply relaxed state. Nerenberg claims this may open up possibilities for sexual healing but there is a need for an ethical framework. Either way, the implications are considerable and new.

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Special thanks to Nik Sheehan and Chris Fassbender.

Special thanks to Frederic Bohbot, The Montreal Experimental Trance Group and Karolin Tsarski, Dominique LaRoche, Marsha Pierrot, Sarah Knight, Joelle Parent, WildX, Wael Chanab, Celia, Aude-Olivia Dufour, Joey Joyful. Shannon Brown and Espace Intentional. WildX!

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