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How staring destroys your vision and how you can fix it

What if someone removed the device you’re looking at right now.

What would you be doing? Staring. Yes. Staring. Because we’re so deep into the experience, many of us don’t notice that what we spend huge parts our lives just staring. If you take away the device it’s a pretty disconcerting look, especially on kids.

While there is a lot of probably appropriate concern about blue light radiation streaming into our eyes when we stare at all our screens. I think the behaviour is the bigger issue.

Long periods of staring is not healthy for the eyes. One because it's sedentary, causing the eyes to get lazy and weak.

Two it dramatically reduces the blink rate.

Depending on the study, staring at screens causes as much as a 66 per cent decrease in natural blinking. This makes our eye drier, more inflamed and promotes eye strain.

Healthy eyes are moving eyes. If you watch animals, their eyes move constantly,. If you go for a walk, your eyes move most of the time. If you have a conversation with a real live person, your eyes are extremely active! We often forget that eyes are extremely dynamic, high performance organs, because they don’t have nerves allowing to us to feel all the work they are doing. But we ignore this at our peril.

Staring may be the reason some of us develop myopia and presbyopia. Staring at the same focal length for days on end, causes muscles in our eyes to fix that way.

So how do. you fix it? Ironically, staring and hypnosis are a big part of hypnosis. People in trance often appear to stare, but this is calm relaxed stare. Hypnotic blinking is a real phenomena that occurs as people go into trance. But hypnosis is an effective way to change these key habits. Staring patterns and blink rate.

The solution is as simple as "blink more". But that's easier said than done. You might find it easy for the first 10 minutes but then you will forget. This is why hypnosis is a part of my upcoming natural vision restoration course, Natural Vision Quest. In this 6 week course, you learn a panoply of skills and techniques designed to bring your vision to maximum strength.

One of first routes to eye health is getting your eyes moving again, then create a healthy blink rate. And then restore the natural focussing muscles of the eyes. When this happens. Amazing things can happen.

Natural Vision Quest with Albert Nerenberg.

Starting Thursday May 19th 2022 at 7 pm EDT for 6 Weeks. Space is limited. $200. For more info:

Albert Nerenberg is not an eye doctor or optometrist, but a journalist and filmmaker who specializes in deep dives into new health modalities. He’s a certified Breathwork coach, TEDX and IdeaCity Speaker, acclaimed international hypnotist and the founder of Breath Break! a weekly online Breathwork group.

Natural Vision Quest is not intended for people with major eye conditions.

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