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One Day New Frontiers in Hypnosis Sunday October 24th

Hypnosis is one of the few human domains with genuine new frontiers, many of them potentially revolutionary. Hypnotist and award-winning filmmaker Albert Nerenberg, TEDX, IdeaCity, WILDX teaches a mind-blowing Zoom course on new applications for hypnosis Sunday October 24th, noon to 5 pm.

Is it possible to create any drug state with trance without side effects? Yes! Although famously people can be made drunk under hypnosis, can hypnosis be used to create altered states? Learn how to recreate drug states without side effects using trance. Can the classic bar be replaced entirely by trance. Learn the science behind demonstrations that enthralled IdeaCity, The Monarch Tavern and the New York Arts Club. Sexuality itself may be a hypnotic process according to new research. Hypnosis can unlock and heal sexual patterns. What is the ethical framework? Can hypnosis help with classic sexual dysfunction? Understanding Hypnotic Sexuality may open doors to healing and even entirely new sexual phenomena. Hypnosis my induce a deep natural REM state. Is it possible we are healing people just by getting them into trance. Can hypnosis take us to the source of healing itself. New Frontiers in Hypnosis is an applied hypnosis course that mixes technique and demonstration. New, ground breaking and potentially revolutionary. Price $49 USD. Space is limited contact.

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