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Can you really be hypnotized over Skype?

Updated: Jan 17, 2020

A lot of people ask if hypnosis by Skype works? My answer? Of course it does. Really well. Not only does it work but, properly arranged, it can be more effective than dragging yourself to an office somewhere. Why?

Hypnosis often works by creating a deep calm state in people. Where do people often feel the most relaxed? Usually in their own home in a favourite chair. Hypnosis usually requires three things: 1) The ability to follow the hypnotist's suggestions

2) The ability to focus. 3) The ability to relax.

All those things are available via Skype. How does Skype hypnosis work? Personally I often use Zoom which is also free, but has better sound and video quality.

At the outset I often send people high quality hypnotic music or imagery that assists in creating the trance. They run these off their own computer, which creates a higher quality experience than watching something off a laptop in an office.

Atlantic Magazine had a great article about a skeptic getting hypnotized over Skype.

In it the author writes: "It’s true: I went into hypnosis as a nonbeliever, and it worked on me anyway." What about risks? What if you were deep in trance and you were disconnected? This rarely happens over zoom, but I often give the suggestion that in the unlikely event that there is a connection issue, you will simply wake up. You can also arrange for the hypnotist to call you by cell in the event of disconnection. Unlike the scene in the movie Office Space where a guy remains hypnotized for life when the hypnotist dies of a heart attack during a session this would never happen. Although the portrayal of the sense of well being after hypnosis may be accurate, people would naturally wake from a trance, even a deep one usually within a few minutes, even if the hypnotist suddenly died.

I have found that Skype or Zoom hypnosis can be more effective than office hypnosis for an interesting reason. Ultimately, hypnosis is about getting into a deep state of relaxation. The place people often feel the safest and most relaxed is in their own home, so arguably you might just get the best results there. And if you don't feel most relaxed in your own home, that's a good reason to try hypnosis! Here's the link for the free download for Zoom.

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