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There's Something You Don’t Know about Sex!

Deep Trance Opens A Door to Unprecedented Sexual Possibility Sexual Hypnosis is a mysterious and strange sounding phenomena but it’s amazing, reasonably accessible and potentially revolutionary.

Karolin Tsarski, an Estonian Yoga teacher and women’s sexuality coach experiences over 40 different orgasms in the space of an hour without being touched. Most of the public doesn’t know it know this phenomenon exists. The scientific sexual research community officially doesn’t. People fear what they don’t understand. But hypnotic sexuality may have dramatic potential for human and sexual liberation. But first it has to come out of the shadows. Let me explain. Under a particular hypnotic trance. People can easily have orgasms without being touched. Weirder still they can have many orgasms, perhaps a dozen one after the other, sometimes growing in intensity. The orgasms can be about anything they choose. One person described having a powerful orgasm under hypnosis while somehow having sex with a massive fire breathing dragon. A group of people have simultaneous orgasms at a workshop in Paris.

Some report that the experience is “better than sex” and it is arguably safer, where there is no risk of STDS or other complications. I explain more in my talk There’s Something You Don’t Know About Sex at WILDX here: I am not an expert on sexual research nor on sexuality. I stumbled on this while researching another project on new frontiers in hypnosis. I work as a filmmaker and hypnotist. I teamed up with another hypnotist and filmmaker Dominique Laroche to create a feature documentary on the subject. We worked with the Montreal Experimental Trance Group, an ongoing workshop about hypnosis and sexuality that helped inform this piece. The Story

If you go to a late night hypnosis show in Las Vegas, you may be treated to a surprising final act. The Late Night Stage Hypnotist will announce: “When I snap my fingers, everyone on stage will now have an incredible orgasm.” Then the people on stage, usually tourists, fully clothed, will burst into comical writhing. They will cry out. Some scream. Shake, convulse. By all appearances they appear to be having huge bombastic orgasms. The audience loses it and laughs uproariously. There’s a reason why late night hypnotists often close with this. It’s hilarious. And the audience practically falls out of its chairs with laughter at the orgasmic shenanigans. The scene is so crazy that it has a what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas quality. What’s interesting is that people seem to never ask if it is real. Volunteers hypnotized to have orgasms at Kevin Lepine’s stage hypnosis show in Las Vegas.Here is a dramatic example filmed in Iceland. A viral video shot in Iceland shows, SAILESH, the Hypnotist an American stage hypnotist, telling a group of hypnotized volunteers:“When I blow into this microphone you will have the most incredible orgasm of your life.” And it seems they do. Volunteers hypnotized to have orgasms at a stage hypnosis show in Iceland.In a hypnotic trance people can can have powerful hands-free multiple orgasms, seemingly form the inside, without any physical stimulation. People describe it variably “as some of the most powerful orgasms of their lives”, “dreamlike and fantastical” and sometimes “intensely healing” depending on where the process is taken. Sometimes it can be superficial feeling and fizzles out. But it often seems to change the way people look, giving them a rosy-cheeked more youthful complexion. People can even laugh their way to orgasm. Example here: Woman laughs her way to orgasm while under hypnosis. The orgasm appears to last for several minutes. Sexual Hypnosis doesn’t seem subject to the normal laws of sex. People can arrive at orgasm very quickly, in two or 3 minutes. People describe these orgasms as incredible rushes sometimes longer, more, powerful than conventional experience. They can be “dry” or “wet” depending on the depth of trance. And the experience appears to be physically safe, without risk of STDs pregnancy or any issues related to physical contact. It may free people from genital obsessed sexuality. It’s tied more to imagination and story telling and deep relaxation. The trances can be guided in any direction. Someone can have pine-scented multiple orgasms as they glide down a giant ecstasy rainbow. People can have sex with their favourite movie stars or celebrities. Or someone can sink into an intimate embrace with someone they love. They can also increase their attraction for a lover. A couple can be hypnotized to have the experience together. Hypnotic orgasms can also have psychological goals focussing on stress relief or calm. Because time distortion can be applied in trance, people can even have multiple sexual adventures within a single session. And generally the orgasms can be stacked on top of each other into a screaming earth-shaking event, sometimes called a “cascading orgasm.” The orgasms themselves are not necessarily sexual. In fact Dominique Laroche’s theory is that the orgasms arise out of deep sense of well being in the body rather than sexual arousal. Hypnotic Sexuality could help people with sexual dysfunction of all kinds as it creates a virtual state that allows people to work out issues. There are secretive erotic hypnosis “conferences” that take place in a number of American cities included Charmed, which took place recently in Maryland. But these events are truly underground, where people often meet anonymously, even the speakers are anonymous. Erotic Hypnosis is definitely underground where people either pay handsomely for the experience or as Vice reported, submit to an unregulated experience online with strangers. We interviewed a number of sex researchers in the area of orgasm, and none of them new about hypnotic orgasms. It’s off the radar. In fact, one Neuroscientist said hypnotic orgasms would naturally be a fantastic research tool as they make sexual response uncomplicated and convenient, strange proof perhaps that sexual science don’t know they exist.

Provincetown’s Paul Kearins used hypnotic orgasms to overcome sexual trauma.Part of the public interest in erotic hypnosis could be a result of kind of sexual malaise in the culture. Over 50 per cent of marriages are considered sexually dysfunctional and millennials are often portrayed as a sexually dysfunctional generation. Sexual dysfunctional relationships are actually the norm. Erotic Hypnosis: Ethics

But what about the ethics? There certainly are ethical and safety considerations for sexual hypnosis. People on average are already both intrigued and nervous about hypnosis. Could hypnotic sexuality be a way to control and abuse someone? Hypnotists will often point out “you will only go as deep as you trust.” Meaning, the process won’t get anywhere without safety and trust. And hypnotic orgasms have one crucial ingredient: Deep relaxation. A person who is feeling pressure, manipulated or coerced will likely be unable to proceed. Can hypnosis make you forget you were abused in the process? Even after deep trance people will remember what happened to them once they are awake. And hypnotists note people will often wake from trance, when something disturbing is suggested or if something violates their moral code. Could someone be sexually hypnotized against their will? Not likely. The kind of deep trance necessary demands a considerable amount of consent from the subject. Within therapy, there would certainly be a risk of transference if your therapist is giving you dreamy orgasms on a regular basis. All this points to the fact that sexual or erotic hypnosis requires ethical frameworks. Could sexual hypnosis be used to seduce someone? Here are where things get weird. Flirtatious, sexual behaviours may themselves be trance inducing. There are endless numbers of songs where the singer describes being “hypnotized” by the subject of their desire. A study by American researcher Adam Safron, suggests that sexual arousal is itself a trance state. Meaning for most of us, sexual arousal is already hypnosis. We just don’t know it. Ok. But are hypnotic orgasms real?

I’m part of an evidence-based project to prove whether or not hypnotically induced orgasms are real or not. However, work by Karolin Tsarski hints that the hormonal signature of orgasm is present in trance-induced orgasms. She had blood tests performed which suggest the same hormones are present as with a traditional contact orgasm. There must be a catch? The catch is that to really experience a hypnotic orgasm it usually requires a somnambulistic trance which is a deeper hypnotic state. Technically, depending on the study only around 20 per cent of the population can go into a deep hypnotic trance. These are the people who typically end up on stage at a stage hypnosis show. However many hypnotists believe almost anyone can learn how to go into this trance with enough time and the appropriate procedures. So technically anyone most people experience sexual hypnosis.

Therapeutic Applications

Although there isn’t research yet, anecdotally, it appears to be an excellent treatment for Anorgasmia the condition where people cannot have orgasms. 10 per cent of women are considered anorgasmic. The practice could have therapeutic applications in terms of changing bad habits. The standard techniques for turning up charge under hypnosis could help rekindle desire in marriage, or changing a or dampening an unhealthy sexual obsession in favour of a healthy one. This “changing of programs” is standard fare in traditional hypnosis work. Sexual hypnosis could allow people with major physical disabilities to experience powerful healthy orgasms, as the effect is likely taking place mostly in the brain. Dependance might be a problem and one practitioner of erotic hypnosis said she keeps her rates extremely high for a reason. “It’s too good,” she said.

The Process The process is done under hypnosis, and the hypnotist doesn’t even have to be in the same room. The process can be done by phone, Skype or even by reading a text once rapport is established. Mammalian Programming State Why does it happen. The explanation might be simple. Why do any us want to have sex anyway? The theory is that many of us dreamt of orgasms or orgasmic states before we had them. This suggests that we sexually program ourselves. This is still outside conventional research, but the dreaming-hypnosis connection is being made more and more frequently by hypnotists. I explain this is in a 2017 TEDX at Queens University: The theory goes that hypnosis might allow us to hack into fundamental self-programming state. Could sexual hypnosis allow us to hack into our fundamental sexual programming state. My suspicion is yes. And if so that is amazing. Sexual hypnosis has incredible potential for healing, personal transformation and sexual liberation. The public has no idea it exists. But strangely something so wild, could make the world a safer, happier and healthier place.

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